Apple Bottom jeans….

Determining our body shape can be extremely difficult especially if your like me and don’t fit into a particular one e.g apple shape, pear shape etc. I have a long torso and shorter legs, wide shoulders, and longer arms.  I don’t really have a category where I can say yes that’s my body shape I have to look at one that at least some what looks like me and its frustrating! I lean more towards an apple shape ( inverted triangle shape). If your a plus size girl then you probably are an apple shape or an hour glass shape, that’s what we seem to lean to most.

By sticking to simpler style jeans e.g. wide leg, or boot cut you are maintaining them clean lines. And having a dark pair of jeans is a must have ! However I also love to rock a pair of skinny jeans, im not ashamed of my legs, my legs are muscular and why shouldn’t a plus size girl work them skinny jeans. For me my stomach is the main area of concern, as I worry that my side flab is bulging over or sticking out, that my stomach is too big etc so I do try to cover that slightly. I always wear high waisted jeans ! Praise to person who invented these, you have saved the woman with muffin top ! By wearing high waisted jeans they suck in your side flab and smooth it all out, without having to wear shapewear (hallelujah). When it comes to dressing your top half, you must have a good bra ! I cannot stress enough a good bra is everything. Simple lines, avoid details and fuss, empire line or styles that go in under your bust, open front, opt for zips at the side or back.

I couldn’t live without my leather jacket, it is in trend it fits well and matches everything ! It can be worn for a casual occasion and also for a glam night out. Oh where would I be without it ? It goes wit skirts, dresses, jeans anything you can think of , and its also black , therefore any colour combo is welcome , Heaven ! I usually pair it with a pair of black skinny jeans a Aztec box top, which looks so cute !  For me I have such a long torso all clothes come up to short and trousers don’t come up high enough sometimes, which is so annoying, and some clothing stores don’t really offer long shirts so im always having to shop around looking at the clothes length and seeing how tall the model is to how it would compare to me etc! But now its gotten easier with practice, and has become second nature, and for me ASOS seem to offer the best solution and their clothes always fit me nicely. However their jeans come tight, therefore I would recommend getting a size up and there lies a problem because then the legs are baggy, and I hate nothing more then baggy knees or thighs, if im wearing skinny jeans they need to be close to my legs !

Plus size girls hear my words , we can rock skinny jeans !

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