Shape Wear

If you are like me and have a few lumps and bumps, and some extra muffin top to go with it, you are not alone ! However…for me covering my love handles and stomach rolls can be a pain in my arse, but its got to be done! Luckily I have found some really good shapewear that has smoothed me out and sucked me in ! First of all I have the Cupid Black High Waisted Knickers from Evans (£29.50) ! For me these are amazing. I’m sick of shapewear that rolls down , and I know you know what im talking about! But these sit perfectly, fit well and very good quality for the price. Evans have a huge range of shapewear and they go all the way up to a 32 , so there is no worry about not finding your size.  I always have trouble finding my size in clothes, because here in the UK you can’t just walk into a clothes store and find a size 24 top or pair of jeans, you have to order on-line. Which pisses me off, because that means I can’t try the clothes on in store and then if they don’t fit I have to send stuff back, or I can’t go shopping with friends because im to big to find anything to fit me. Struggles of being  plus size girl in a teeny tiny minded world !

Next on the list is the Magisculpt multiway bodyshaper from JD Williams (£29.50). This one is one of my favorites as it is come with a built-in bra, and it is a medium controlled suit so when you need support but not too much support, then this one works! It has a beautiful mesh and lace detailing on it which makes it sexy as well, so if you have just come back from a romantic night out with your partner , and things are heating up, there’s no running to the bathroom trying to un peel it from your skin. Its classy and sexy enough to remain on and let him undress you ! My boyfriend loves it, he thought it was lingerie at first and thought it looked really hot !  When looking for shapewear you want it to do its job and be comfortable at the same time, and this really does, it makes you look and feel good.,size:

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