Since when has the majority become the minority?

If you live in the UK then you understand how hard it is to go to a shop and pick out clothes if your above a size 20. Like me im a size 26 top and 22 bottom, and I cant just walk into Topshop and grab a nice new top or pair of jeans, 99% of clothes I get have to be bought online. The only plus size store in the UK that I can go to is Evans, and for me Evans doesn’t cater to the younger generation. I don’t think people realise how discouraging it is to walk into a shop and not be able to buy anything because your too big to fit into the clothes. And going shopping with friends is a nightmare! Most of my friends are a size 12 or 14 and for them they can walk into any high street store and pick out anything. I get them saying ‘aren’t you going to look around?’, and that hurts, because I cant. The problem with online shopping is that you cant try on clothes, and if they don’t fit when you receive them in the mail then you go through the hassle of sending them back, and being discouraged and annoyed.

The top online stores I have found is ASOS, New Look and Yoursclothing. ASOS can be expensive, but for the quality of material and fit your getting its totally worth it , in my opinion. Also for me the good thing about ASOS is that they actually have plus size models wearing their clothes ! I don’t understand why the world doesn’t realise that the majority of the population is plus size, in the UK alone 57% of women are plus size. Its not the plus size people aren’t into fashion its more like the fashion industry isnt interested in us. If your like me and get looks and people making nasty comments sometimes then you know how hurtful it is, if the fashion industry was to project plus size in the way they do skinny people then there wouldn’t be this negative imagine that plus size people cant wear high fashion, cant look good, or that being plus size is wrong! Being plus size can be empowering, and that’s how I want the plus size community to feel, I want you to feel like you can do anything and everything, and not let weight hold you back, because we’re beautiful. What I hate is when people say ,’You’ve got a pretty face’. No darling every part of me is beautiful inside and out ! Why do people think that having a curvy body isnt beautiful? At least my man has something to grab onto and hold!

What also annoys me is that people think because your big that your unhealthy and a lazy slob. Alot of the time being plus size isn’t a choice, there is an underlying problem for me its PCOS, and it affects my life a lot. For others there are reasons, for some plus size people its because they love their body and they rather being healthy and whole , then slim and empty. For other plus size people they are extremely fit and healthy its just their body doesn’t shed the weight , but they could out run a million slimmer people. I am a bigger girl always have been I stand at 5ft 10 and weight around 18 stone, but Ive always been active. I danced for years, played basketball, netball and sprinted. I was always out playing sport and I loved it, but I could still keep up with all my small classmates and it was never a problem. So this stereotype needs to be taken down.

I envy American plus size fashion , as I know that plus size people have many options out there. Torrid, Wet Seal and Lane Byrant etc why not bring them stores over here, I know that there a thousands of women that would appreciate it !

Since when has the majority of the population become such a minority?

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