Stunning eyes and Fabulous thighs

Growing up being the ‘Big Girl’ isnt easy. Growing up in school it was hard, I was picked on …. a lot for having a little extra junk in the trunk, and many a night I spent crying myself to sleep. All my friends were tiny and pretty , you know the type 5ft 2 , long smooth hair, flawless skin, a size 4-6. Then there was me towering at 5ft 9, Afro curly hair that couldn’t be tamed, spots here and there and a size 16-18 from year 10 onwards. I couldn’t win ! I was compared on a daily basis to my friends , and going clothes shopping was a nightmare, they would all be going to the small petite section and then me, I would just follow along as their clothes shops don’t cater to me size. Then they would have long straight smooth hair, and my hair was a nightmare. I’m mixed race (British and Jamaican), since I was born up to the age of 4 I had poker straight hair, then from 4 it went Afro and living back in Canterbury, Kent there was not a single Afro Caribbean hairdresser around. My mother is White British she lives with my step dad also White British so they didn’t know what to do with my hair. So it was ponytails for me through most of my school like, until i was about 16, when I straightened it for the first time. So yet another thing to be compared for.  During my school days I tried dieting a few times, and yes I lost a little weight, and at the time I thought this would solve all my problems. But eating tiny portions and eating nothing I enjoyed made me miserable. I missed my chocolate, and my bacon sandwiches, and I know I cant complain that im plus sized if I eat the wrong things, but why should I live an unhappy life doing things that make me miserable ? Over the years I’ve been working on loving me , I know im never going to be a size 10 , Ive come to terms with that , but I can be the most fabulous me there is and if that’s a size 20 or 22 then so be it !

Size 10 = Beautiful

Size 16 = Beautiful

Size 28 = Beautiful

You must understand that of course I get self-conscious at times, but what person doesn’t, growing up in today’s society we have been taught that being bigger isn’t what society wants. We all must fit into a stereotypical idea of what beauty is, and being plus size you don’t fit the mold, and people judge you for it. Women are so worried about what the world is going to say about their figures , about their double chins and thick thighs, they resort to hiding their bodies so people can see them. It breaks my heart, every woman is beautiful no matter what size or shape you are, but people don’t see it as they are so afraid of people judging them , that they’ve started judging themselves. No I don’t have a thin smooth silhouette, yes I have love handles, and some rolls, but If they are styled right than no one can fault you. When your plus sized people think you’re a slob who just sits around and eats all day, they don’t understand that you can be plus sized and even healthier then a woman who is a size 6. We plus sized women need to start loving ourselves more , each and everyday, because if we believe were beautiful then other people opinions are invalided and unnecessary. If we know we’re beautiful then we can walk down them streets like they’re runways , with confidence and watch everyone’s eyes follow us, and show the world then big is back ! “When you’re a plus size woman, people say ‘ yeah, she has a cute face’, as if being plus sized is a disgrace. Honey, im cute in the face and thicker in the waist. I look goof whether im in cotton , leather or lace. I’m beautiful, vibrant and above all, smart! there’s more to me then my weight, i also have a heart. Yes my clothes are a bigger size, that just means you can access a bigger prize. We all are not self conscious about our weight, and we never have a problem with getting a date. So don’t think that your small frame gives you more pull, im a hot, sexy curvy women with a figure that’s full.”

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