Moving back in with the parents …..

So my life has come to a stand still , quit my job , relationship drama and now being reduced to moving back home.

 So the past few months hasnt gone as smoothly as one would hope ! After an injury at work and being off for 4 weeks, I couldn’t bring myself to go back, my heart wasn’t in it and I needed to get my life on track. So I quit , and for the most part it was a huge weight off my shoulders and then panic ! I knew I couldn’t go back, but now I’m faced with the reality of what do I do now, where is my life going and am I just a failure ? And I don’t know what the answer to all of the above , I didn’t know what to do about anything and to be honest I still don’t. And I’m sure a lot of you out there are in my position , the position of not knowing what to do with your life, where it’s heading and how stressful that could be ? 
So I had to move back home, me, my fiancé , 6 cats , 2 dogs , mum and dad and a 7 year old sister ! Talk about a full house! Never did I think I’d be back where I started , after 4 years of living by myself, I’m now back at my parents. I mean I’m appreciative that they’ve taken me and my fiancé in I really am, But at least I can focus on getting my life on track ! And that starts with getting my anxiety under control. 

The problem is there’s so many things I love and so many things I want to do in life and I just don’t feel like I’m good enough half the time! But I need to try… I need to focus on one thing at a time .. And first things first I want to get my blog up and running again! It brings me so much joy it really does and id love to get it more popular and reach out to people. So I will try I promise to post at least 1 blog a week, ranging from fashion to beauty, or real talk blogs , to art and baking haha ! 

So please stay tuned for more to come ! 

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