Feb Favourites

So this month we have our first Monthly Favorites Blog post !

1) TRESemmé Perfectly (un)done Wave Creation Sea Foam

                                                              I am obsessed with this ! I use it every single time I wash my hair, and the reason I am obsessed with this product is because it gives you wave and texture in your hair, but its not sticky or thick. It cuts down my styling time like crazy, I usually just let my hair air dry and I love how it looks, I can then come in with a curling wand and touch things up, it makes my hair styling life so much easier its unreal! On the tin it says for soft, defined waves, and its exactly what you get, your hair wont feel hard, or crunchy or sticky, your hair is still soft and its my new favorite hair product ! 10/10

2)Milani Brow Tint pen Natural taupe

This is one that I use daily, if I don’t want to sit and fuss with a pencil or a gel. I just sketch it on my brows and fill in the blanks and it looks incredibly natural. Its for more of a daytime look rather than evening, and it completely blends with your natural colour and gives it an effortless look. Ive been using it a while now, and I couldn’t praise it any higher !

3)BOBBI BROWN Foundation Stick, Warm Honey 5.5

Love love love this product. Its slightly dewy,so if you have dry skin then this would suit you more. The coverage is amazing, it has more of a medium to full coverage, but you can also build on top of it,so I can use it in areas such as under my eyes to conceal it more, or if I want to conceal blemishes or other areas. I use a buffing brush by Real Techniques to give it an airbrushed finish.

4)Gucci Guilty for Women

I got this amazing fragrance for Christmas, but I’ve only just got around to wearing it, and it is amazing!It has a warm yet striking oriental floral with hedonism at its heart, it consists of :

Top note: Mandarin, Pink pepper

Middle note: Lilac, geranium, peach

Base: Patchouli, amber

I personally find it to have an elegant fragrance, and its extremely feminine and you can wear it day or night. It is at the higher end of the price bracket , but its worth the money. You don’t need to use a lot of the product, therefore it lasts for ages !

5) The Walking Dead

Now I know this isnt a beauty or fashion product, but I just get enough of this show ! I always heard about this show but wasn’t sure if it was my thing, so early last year I decided to try it, not knowing that this would soon consume my life ! I mean I binge watched this like crazy, im a sucker for zombie films or shows anyway, and if that wasn’t enough the captivating story draws you in and I couldn’t not, not mention Mr NORMAN REEDUS !! Mr Darrell Dixon, damn , the rugged bad boy, with a troubled past, a soft center , but a hard exterior I just want to crack ! But now we’re on season 5 wow, I have waited a long time for this. For me its started of pretty slow, not going anywhere etc, but now they’re in Alexandria, and I do not trust any one living there, there is something fishy going on, and my man Darrell knows it !

Would love to know if you’ve tried these products and what you thought !

Please feel free to comment 🙂

Fashion Favourite

Since I am a larger girl the fashion world doesn’t offer as much in the UK as it does else where e.g America. In London its hard to just walk into a shop and pick up a size 24 top or a size 22 pair of jeans for example. So we the big girls are forced to use online shopping, its hard as you don’t know how its going to fit, or look on your body so you risk having to send everything back wasting your time.Luckily we have ASOS and New Look inspire. However im ashamed of New Look , they have been taking the Inspire range out of stores around the Country, which means you cant buy an item of clothes past a size 18 , and for girls with a bit more Junk in their trunks we need and want stores to cater to us ! ASOS has always been good to me, their clothes are a very good quality, however some items do come up a bit small , so you have to up size, but for the price and quality its not a hassle. I came across these wonderful pair of jeggings on ASOS , what I love about these if the fact they look like actual denim jeans, for me this is a must have as I personally find that leggings don’t suit me. But these are great, they come up to the waist which means it shrinks muffin tops, bulges and makes you look smoother. This are cut close to the body which gives you a great pair of skinny jeans without the tightness of normal jeans and the with the help of creating a smooth silhouette. With most pairs of jeggings you don’t get pockets, but these offer to back pockets for extra storage, and they’re also nice and stretchy for a comfortable fit. For these jeggings I would pair it with a basic grey t-shirt , a black slim blazer and a clutch bag that has a pop of colour in it to brighten up the look. Add a pair of ASOS HAMLET Leather Heeled Sandals and your good to go for a girls night out, or a fancy lunch !

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