Origins Original Skin™ Renewal Serum with Willowherb

Ive recently found this amazing skin serum, Origins Original Skin™ Renewal Serum with Willowherb and love it !A renewal serum designed to restore the glow of younger skin. Its perfect if your skin needs a pick me up. I apply it daily, in the morning and evening, before I apply my moisturizer ( you need to use moisturizer with it). I have found that my skin has evened out, and is super soft! Since I began using it a few weeks ago, I have not had any major breakouts and my skin seems to be very balanced – which is what I was hoping for. It also works really well as a face primer!

Fashion Favourite

Since I am a larger girl the fashion world doesn’t offer as much in the UK as it does else where e.g America. In London its hard to just walk into a shop and pick up a size 24 top or a size 22 pair of jeans for example. So we the big girls are forced to use online shopping, its hard as you don’t know how its going to fit, or look on your body so you risk having to send everything back wasting your time.Luckily we have ASOS and New Look inspire. However im ashamed of New Look , they have been taking the Inspire range out of stores around the Country, which means you cant buy an item of clothes past a size 18 , and for girls with a bit more Junk in their trunks we need and want stores to cater to us ! ASOS has always been good to me, their clothes are a very good quality, however some items do come up a bit small , so you have to up size, but for the price and quality its not a hassle. I came across these wonderful pair of jeggings on ASOS , what I love about these if the fact they look like actual denim jeans, for me this is a must have as I personally find that leggings don’t suit me. But these are great, they come up to the waist which means it shrinks muffin tops, bulges and makes you look smoother. This are cut close to the body which gives you a great pair of skinny jeans without the tightness of normal jeans and the with the help of creating a smooth silhouette. With most pairs of jeggings you don’t get pockets, but these offer to back pockets for extra storage, and they’re also nice and stretchy for a comfortable fit. For these jeggings I would pair it with a basic grey t-shirt , a black slim blazer and a clutch bag that has a pop of colour in it to brighten up the look. Add a pair of ASOS HAMLET Leather Heeled Sandals and your good to go for a girls night out, or a fancy lunch !

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